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La Torre del Vicario: Relax Medieval Style in Palazzuolo sul Senio

The Torre del Vicario is an exclusive holiday home located in the historic center of Palazzuolo sul Senio which occupies the top two flowers of an ancient tower house dating back to the 13th century. It has a private garden and terraces equipped with gazebos, tables, chairs, a solarium, and a built-in charcoal bbq.

During autumn and winter, wood will be provided for indoor fireplace use; complete bbq accessories; a supply of coffee pods; and an herbal tea set with a kettle.

Included: bathroom and bedroom linen as well as a courtesy set and a welcome gift.

Four-legged friends are welcome.


Pet friendly







Flatscreen TV

Equipped kitchen

Coffee machine

So many possibilities for your stay!

Our apartments can accommodate all types of guests from couples to large groups up to 14 guests.

The History of the Tower

The name Vicar does not have any religious connotations but instead, refers to a government official and administrator of justice in the Florentine Republic up until the year 1362.

The Vicar remained in office for one semester and was elected by drawing lots among the most influential men in the village.

The “Torre del Vicario” was a building for both defensive and residential use. At one time, it was part of the complex of the former “Ubaldini houses”, connected both at street level and underground to the current Palazzo dei Capitani.

Today the Palazzo dei Capitani is home to the Upper Mugello Archaeological Museum and the Museum of the Mountain People, two small cultural treasures that we recommend visiting.

The Tower still retains its original architectural features such as the external stone walls, windows, and shelves in pietra serena, part of the beams and internal doors in chestnut, the dovecote holes on the upper turret as well as some slits with “splay” (openings gradually widening towards the internal space) which once served as sighting and defense posts.

Secret Passages at the Tower

The Torre del Vicario and Piazza Strigelli have an ancient and interesting history. Initially, the Tower was part of the houses in the possession of the Ubaldini, a noble family of Lombard origin who dominated the Mugello for centuries. The building was used for both defensive and residential purposes. After the Florentine Republic took possession of the territory by force in 1373, the palace (now Palazzo dei Capitani) became the residence of the Vicar, connected both above ground and underground to the tower.

The tower, dating back to 1300, was renovated in the 1970s, revealing the original structure with architectural elements still well preserved. Piazza Strigelli, located upstream from the ancient market square in an area defined in the land register of 1428 as “Castello” (now Piazza Garibaldi) was once populated by the homes of noble notaries and merchants. The paving works in the square in 2003 led to the ancient foundations being brought to light as well as fragments of pottery and ceramics dating from the 13th to the 16th century.

The recent renovation of the “main floor” of the Tower has revealed, in addition to the rediscovery of ancient fireplaces, doors and walled niches, stone floors and ceilings with chestnut beams, further clues and artifacts that highlight the strategic importance that the tower had centuries ago. Among the most relevant, was the rediscovery of an underground passage that connected the Palace to the tower and which allowed first the members of the Ubaldini family and then the Vicar and his court to move between the connected buildings without being seen.
During the removal of the debris inside the passage, fragments of Roman pottery, and ceramic jugs from the 1300s were recovered, as well as the remains of vases and furnishings dating back to 1700. In addition to the underground passage, the presence of a narrow duct was found and was most likely part of a complex rainwater or groundwater collection system connected to a well or cistern.

The conservation efforts in the Maghinardo and Cia apartments demonstrate the commitment to preserving the original appearance of the building. Documents, maps, photos and archaeological finds provide a complete view of the evolution of the site over the centuries.


A magnificent private garden to be accessed from the kitchen of the Tower where you can spend time in nature in the company of friends and / or relatives.


With access from the terrace with gazebo, the heated Jacuzzi for 4 people will give you moments of lightheartedness and relaxation. (available in the summer months).


The property offers a relaxing stay and offers a corner where you can enjoy the sun on summer days.

Shared outdoor space

A pleasant spot in the garden with a firepit and stone walls where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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