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Activities in La Torre del Vicario

Palazzuolo sul Senio is a small medieval village that is geographically part of the historic region of “Romagna Toscana”. It is linguistically and culturally Romagna, but historically ruled since the end of the fourteenth century by Florence and Tuscany.

These aspects of a “border territory” make it a very unique combination of the two regions which is reflected in all aspects of the local culture. The spoken dialect, customs, and renowned local cuisine give visitors a taste of a nearly forgotten history.

Palazzuolo sul Senio, awarded the title of one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” and that of an “Ideal Village of Italy”, is surrounded by the greenery of the Apennines and enjoys a pleasant mountain climate despite being 437 above sea level.

The town is in a great location for quickly reaching some of the most famous art cities such as Florence, Bologna, Ravenna and many others by car. The Tower and the surrounding area, characterized by mountains and hills, is the ideal location for all nature lovers. Hiking, mountain biking, trekking, nordic walking, adventure trails, horseback riding, motorbike tourism, tennis, fishing, and hunting are all practiced here.

Less than 100 m away from the Tower, you’ll find the Italian Alpine Club’s (CAI) main routes as well as those of the municipality.

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palazzuolo sul senio

What to see in Palazzuolo sul Senio one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.


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